Here's what my gorgeous clients have to say.  Thank you, my Disco Barre Belles for your kind words.  

"Disco Barre is the best workout a girl can get - not far from sex! You feel the pain (the good kind) but you don't sweat, it's sexy but not cheesy. Sophie has really created a unique atmosphere in her classes, she's really passionate about Disco Barre, it's contagious and really inspiring. From the warm up to the cool down you can feel that she has thought about every movement and exercise. Each class is different, it never gets boring! And the music is great, Sophie picks the best 70's-studio 54-disco songs. I have been going religiously since it started and I love it!"  

"So I'm a music fanatic; and like most people, attempting to keep up with living the hectic life in London. It's so important to have various methods of escape outside working hours (aside from drinking red wine) and I can't explain how much Sophie's classes have inspired me, invigorated me and motivated me - not just in my fitness but it transpires into my every day life too. An amazingly knowledgable journey through disco and training that varies every time it's got me addicted every week. Thanks for the amazing vibes ♥"

Love, love, LOVE this class! 
"Hearing about this exercise regime with elements of ballet, all set to a classic disco soundtrack, I knew I'd be in my element. 
The unique style venue, the vigorous workout & the tremendous tunes certainly tick all the boxes. 
The classes are small & personal, so nobody gets lost in the background. It really doesn't matter what level of fitness you're at, Sophie caters for all. 
Every class is different, the workouts are always creatively mixed and most definitely thorough! You can feel the sculpting!! 
And the finishing touch...? The disco ball hanging in the corner of the room, of course!"

"I have never been able to stick to exercise before but something about the music and the vibes at Disco Barre just makes it incredibly addictive. It definitely still feels like exercise - you will find muscles you didn't know you had - but you move so quickly through everything that you don't get time to wish it was over (and the soundtrack helps). And because I can literally feel my muscles toning it spurs me on to exercise in between classes which never happens! I recommend this to anyone who wants to get a great bod but can't usually face the endlessness of boring regimes. THANK YOU DISCO BARRE x"

"I really LOVE the class. 
I've been coming to the class for about a year now and always feel better physically & mentally after. It’s an awesome dynamic workout, hard at times but effective, the great tunes & friendly atmosphere keep me coming back. Sophie's the best teacher, clear, encouraging & enthusiastic - watch out it's infectious! 
Sophie - can you share your playlists? Love them x"

The most effective and fun work out around. Sophie is an incredible teacher and her enthusiasm and attention to detail really sets this apart from other classes I've tried. You will always be put through your paces but you can't argue with the results! If you haven't tried it yet get down'll never look back! DISCO BARRE!

"Best work out, so effective, so sexy! wicked tunes, amazing teacher and vibe. Very addictive"

"Discobarre is the best way to start the weekend, working muscles you didn't know you had and I always leave feeling glowing as if I've had a massage,...great workout for thighs, bums , tummies, bingo wings and the disco sounds makes it fun."

"Sophie is the BEST: great tunes and moves which will give you buns of steel!"

"LOVED IT! Totally made working out fun, will deffo be coming again!"