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The Lotte Berk Technique is back – and it could be the answer to better mid-life sex

In an exercise studio in a former Turkish supermarket in London's trendy Dalston, sat alongside a vegan beauty salon and sustainable menswear outlet, a cult workout favoured by a raft of famous older faces is being revived for the benefit of a new generation.

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The original barre class returns to London - The Lotte Berk Technique

Sure, you’ve done barre: a thrust here, a leg lift there. It’s painful and it’s effective – but it’s not as authentic or multifaceted as the original barre workout. The good news is now you can experience the real thing.

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The Best Barre Workouts In London

Discobarre is East London’s newest barre studio in Dalston designed to make you feel empowered through breaking a sweat! Discobarre combines the discipline of ballet with strength training, isometric holds and circular movements for mobilisation. Do not be deceived by these small movements, your muscles will be crying by the end of the class! Founder Sophie Ritchie’s vision of Discobarre is to make women appreciate their own bodies by using all its feminity to feel sexy yet strong.

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6 of the best Barre and Ballet classes in London

For a full-body workout and a core of steel, book into Discobarre Studio for one of their sculpting barre classes. A 60-minute session incorporates sweat-breaking ballet exercises set to a seriously fun playlist that may even distract you from just how hard you’re working. Your bum, thighs and arms will reap the benefits fast. And don’t worry – the moves have been designed to be easy and enjoyable, so you don’t have to be a seasoned ballet pro.


Disco Barre at The Factory

This hour-long class will see your body shake and move muscles you didn’t know you had. What starts as stretching to house music becomes a bar- and mat-based workout so all-consuming that novices can forget to notice the great tunes. The class draws on traditional balletic “barre” movements — pliés, relevés and sautés — and contemporary dance moves, strengthening your legs and glutes. Many positions look and feel tiny to start with but ensure you quickly feel the burn.


Disco Barre at The Refinery

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a novelty class. There is nothing novel about Sophie Ritchie’s signature barre class which leaves your thighs shaking and your head nodding to some of the best music outside Studio 54. The disco ball-lit studio and beautiful surroundings of this boutique Hackney gym are almost enough to forget your trembling quads. Almost.



The London fitness classes where music matters

"The floor work, including choreographed versions of oblique twists and buttock clenches, ignites your core. When I leave the class I’m walking taller, with that disco spirit in my soul..."


Discobarre at The Refinery

"This basement fitness studio is one of the coolest places to break a sweat in east London. They run a number of great barre classes. Try Disco Barre, ballet-inspired moves to ace tunes, or to really strengthen specific areas give Ballet Rebels: Buns and Guns or Box and Burn a go. Our fave is Pilates, Barre and Flow, an elegant and bum-shakingly good class full of fun moves that might just distract you from how hard you’re working."


Discobarre at The Refinery

"Who doesn't love indulging in a bit of disco fever now and again? Don your blue eyeshadow, backcomb your hair and head down to Disco Barre which fuses a traditional ballet barre workout with some underground disco beats and sleek choreography to leave you feeling like the coolest cat under the glitter ball"


"This ridiculously cool East London haunt is home to Disco Barre which combines ballet-inspired moves with disco beats. The perfect place for any barre lover.


The best new fitness classes in London for 2018

"Classes are equally inspired: take Disco Barre, which sounds like a jolly but is thigh-burningly difficult..."