To listen to whilst reading

Hello, hope you are well and are looking forward to a HOT June.   Temperatures are set for 28 degrees!!  London + sunshine = good times.

First of all I want to thank all of you who came to the first ever Disco Barre Live on Saturday.  There was a great vibe at Danceworks and you hot chicks certainly raised the temperature as well as the bar(re) in the studio.  That extra half hour of intense moves  will have given your usual exercise routine a little boost.  I'm looking at venues and collaborators for the next one, so watch this space.  

Is it just me or or are we becoming obsessed with the pursuit of happiness? Is our quest for it making us less happy?  I have read every self help book going on positive thinking, the law of attraction, becoming magic etc etc and whilst I am a firm believer in most of what they say, maybe we need to chill out a little bit.  We need to experience the bad times to appreciate the good and life is about balance, right?  Maybe it's healthier to strive for contentment most of the time, plus, isn't it only psychopaths that experience no negative emotions at all? 

In the past couple of years I've tried many different types of meditation, Reiki healing, with the amazing Josie Daniels of Eleven Healing, who I see regularly and have gone a bit more extreme and experienced an intense Kambo ceremony.  Just last week I had the most incredible Chi Energy Release Massage with Ollie at The Refinery, which I can't recommend highly enough.  

But there are simple things we can do to keep us on an even keel.  Everyone knows that when we exercise we release endorphins, the happy hormones, which lead to a feeling of euphoria, help control our appetite, release different sex hormones, support the immune system and reduce stress.  And obviously and more superficially, when we feel confident in our bodies, we can't deny that we feel a million times better in ourselves.  Let's face it, that's why most of us exercise.  

Now you haven't got a soul if you don't like music.  Whatever floats your boat, nothing can evoke more emotion than listening to music you love.  There has even been recent studies claiming that listening to really sad songs makes you happy (hence why I attached my favourite cool down track and sad disco song, You and I by Madleen Kane).  But disco? Wow, it's pretty subjective, but I know it makes me happy.Every.God.Damn.Day.Of.My.Life.  

So the conclusion?  Disco Barre makes you happy.