I think this honestly might be my new favourite picture.  When I first came up with the concept of Disco Barre, Madonna in the 80's, dancing in a New York loft was the vibe I wanted to create and I really feel I have done that at the space at Barbers Gym. 

Madonna's first album, Madonna, was one of my first albums, and Physical Attraction, along with Everybody, my favourite Madonna track of all time (click on link below for track).  

Obviously, Madonna has been at the forefront of popular culture ever since and whilst I haven't personally liked her music for some time, you have to respect the woman, particularly if you're a child of the 80's/early 90's.  AND look at her! Even if you don't like her veiny arms or surgically enhanced face, she still looks amazing to me and that save after 'Capegate' at the Brit Awards?  Man, I'd love to see another 56 recover from that as she did with style and class and grace.  The only reason she didn't seriously injure herself was because she is so damn fit and strong.  She favours the small/repetitive movements we do at Disco Barre and with the Disco Barre ab work you can get a core as strong as hers.  

Come and train as hard as she does tomorrow lunchtime at Barbers and at 7 at Only Fools and Peacocks.  And if you're planning to come to Barbers on Friday I would book in ASAP as was insanely busy last week. 

Hopefully see you at the barre soon and may this sunshine continue.  

Sophie xxxxx