About DiscoBarre™


Disco Barre combines the discipline of ballet and Pilates with strength training, isometric holds, circular movements for mobilisation and small but intense and sexy, choreographed sequences. It bridges the gap between a dance and fitness class, helping you achieve a strong and sexy body  - fast.  

All set to a personal soundtrack of underground disco and house favourites from fitness and boogie connoisseur, Sophie Ritchie - close your eyes and you could be in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage.  

Work that body, feel the burn and get down to the music. 
No dance experience necessary.  




There are so many benefits to trying a Disco Barre class, but here are the main ones.  

Makes you stronger >

The isometric contractions that make up the majority of Disco Barre occur when the muscle tenses without changing length. Each movement is small and what is wonderful about the one-inch pulses and circles etc is that you can hold a posture and benefit from continuously engaging the muscle, but you also get a mini-recovery with each pulse, so you can stay in the hold longer.

Impoves posture >

As a Level 3 Pilates teacher, I am constantly analysing your alignment throughout the class and making corrections. After even one class, clients report they stand taller and are far more aware of any postural issues and are able correct themselves. Over time, it becomes second nature.

Targets multiple muscle groups >

It's a highly efficient workout since we tend to work multiple muscle groups at a time. Working all these areas at once also helps raise the heart rate.

Improves mind body concentration >

The smaller movements in a barre class can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don't get in regular strength workouts. Barre can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles by strengthening the neuromuscular (mind-body) connection. Throughout the class, clients concentrate fully on the choreography and I encourage self analysation, so it's an hour of pure focus.

Improves flexibility >

There are lot's of exercises to mobilise the spine and many circular movements to mobilise the hips. I love exercises that encourage fluidity and ease of movement. Stretches are a major part of the session done at the end of each interval, so the muscles are elongated, bulk is reduced and therefore balance and alignment are achieved.

Protects joints >

The phrase "works muscles I never knew existed" is often heard after a class. That's because we also focus on the small muscles that surround the joints, thus supporting them and preventing injury. It's also low impact, so no pressure is put on them.

Increases bone health >

Bone is tissue, like a muscle, that strengthens in response to forces it has to resist. Gravity is one such force, and working against gravity is what we refer to when speaking of weight-bearing exercise or exercises that use your own body weight.

Core strength >

The beauty of working at the barre is that you engage your core the entire time so even if you are working the arms or thighs, you are always engaging, and therefore strengthening, the core as well. A strong core can increase your performance in all other activities in your life and Time Out London believe Disco Barre has the toughest ab section around. A lot of emphasis is also placed on pelvic floor engagement, which strengthening has numerous benefits including greater sex life.

It's fun >

Listening to music we love releases dopamine, the chemical in our brain associated with good moods. This also helps when faced with challenging exercises in class. Each Disco Barre class is different, so you'll never get bored and will be stimulated with the changing sequences and playlists.



Sophie is a Level 3 Pilates teacher with a strong dance background and completed the Barreworks training programme with Vicki Anstey in Richmond in July 2013. Vicki trained in the Lotte Berk method and New York City Ballet work out, both of which Sophie has practised since her teens.

Knowing immediately she had found her calling teaching ballet barre based exercise, it wasn’t long before the concept and name Disco Barre came to her while listening to Taana Gardner Work That Body, Larry Levan remix. She trademarked it the next day.  

“Not a day goes by where I don’t count my blessings that I am able to combine my love of dance and movement with my passion for music”.