Created by studio owner, Sophie Ritchie, with the aim for you to feel more a slave to the rhythm than the treadmill, Disco Barre is notorious for it’s waiting lists and has received press in The Huffington Post, The Metro, Time Out and Tatler. 

It combines the discipline of ballet with strength training, isometric holds, circular movements for mobilisation and small but intense and at times sexy, choreographed sequences. Bridging the gap between a dance and a fitness class, you will feel like a dancer and get strong fast.

The music gets as much attention as the moves as each class is set to a personal selection of sublime underground disco, house, boogie, funk, pop, Balearic, Italo and acid - anything that will help you get into the groove and help you forget just how hard you’re working -your muscles will be literally pulsating to the beat. Close your eyes, feel the burn and you could be in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage.  Listen here.

“I can honestly say that Disco Barre has changed my life. I had always found exercising a chore and it was never something I enjoyed, but since discovering Disco Barre I have not only become fit and toned but have enjoyed every second of it. The classes are in a low lit studio with disco lights and a careful selected disco soundtrack so getting in the zone is easy. The exercises always vary so I am always learning and pushing myself. Everyone gets attention from Sophie and she checks posture and technique throughout the session. I look forward to every class! – Georgia.

“Sophie Ritchie's Disco Barre is almost like a religion to me. I am so grateful to have it in my life.  I've tried so many fitness trends - Pilates, all the yogas, running, boxercise, weights, martial arts, bootcamp, personal training etc. I've embraced each one fully and thrown myself into various regimes, yet none of these things have ever held my interest. I was beginning to despair of ever finding my exercise 'thing' until I discovered Sophie's class.  I've been doing Disco Barre for over 4 years and I'm totally evangilical about the benefits. It's so  effective and rewarding - I could actually see a difference in my muscles after the first class. Without fail, I leave each class feeling energised and empowered”. – Emily 



The ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Technique

Lotte Berk invented this powerful, fiercely feminine and fun series of exercises 60 years ago and we are thrilled to be the first studio to bring the ORIGINAL barre class back to London.

Lotte was a contemporary dancer with a fascinating history and character and when she retired, devised this stunning regime with the help of an orthopaedist to help women achieve the body and poise of a dancer whilst supporting spine health. Extremely effective and highly efficient, some moves are a little bit cheeky, plus there’s a whole segment dedicated to the pelvic floor. Working in the pelvic tilt to decrease the range of movement, muscles are deeply targeted and there’s something almost magical in it’s biomechanics that makes you lose inches from stubborn areas, feel more feminine, yet stronger than you’ve every been in your life.

Sophie recently trained with Esther Fairfax, Lotte's daughter and is the master trainer in the UK.  If you are interested in teacher training please contact us for more information.


Join Josie for a calming yet powerful sound journey through the healing frequencies of alchemy crystal bowls, drums, chimes, tuning forks, melodic instruments and light language channeled through her voice. The dreamy sounds will guide you into a relaxed and receptive state as your brain waves change, breath pattern deepens and effortlessly you fall into a deep surrender, often drifting into higher states of consciousness. Naturally the vibrations effect every single cell in the body, washing through the entire energy system, igniting releases and shifts in mind, body and spirit. Sound is an ancient tool which has been used for thousands of years to promote healing on all levels of being - emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. Come and receive the healing power of sound in a safe and nurturing space. It is to be experienced to be truly understood. 

 Electronic sound music meditation

This is a sequence of shaking, dancing, listening and stillness designed to help you awaken to your inner being.
Most of us are familiar with our human aspects - body, mind, emotions, but not our being.
This class is based on active meditations as taught by Masters like Osho, but given a completely modern
twist with new music to fit with our current culture (which is what Osho was all about).
This sequence is super effective and brilliant if you haven’t been able to sit still without thoughts, or you just want to go deeper into your practice.
The music is curated by Belinda Matwali, a dedicated student of meditation for the last 8 years, spending 3-4 weeks a year with her 3 enlightened Masters in India as well as working with a Consciousness Awareness mentor.
She has a long time love affair with techno, house and ambient music and has studied sacred sound.
Here her two worlds collide bringing the best music and best meditation techniques together.