Pilates 1-2-1

'Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness'.

Oh how I love a Jospeh Pilates quote!  

I am a Level 3 teacher with over 7 years experience and I believe everybody should experience the benefits of this dicipline. Whether you wanted regular training or just a one off session to understand the fundamentals before starting a group class or you are pushed for time, I will come to your home and we will create a varied, fun programme to suit your needs.  


1-2-1 barre training

As hands on as I am in class, my attention is divided and much of the Disco Barre experience is down to the vibe and music. If you want to look like a pro during the warm up and cool down, you find yourself truly struggling with a particular exercise, your alignment or technique, a private session could be the solution.  I guarantee you will nail it fast with my 100% focus on you and only you. 


"Sophie is a natural teacher - by that I mean you want to learn from her, you want to improve, each session is different from any previous and most importantly she’s strict without ever being an arsehole about it.

You feel and see results quickly. When I started Sophie told me the quote about ‘you’re only as old as your spine’. Well I might not be younger but I feel more active, with more energy and more desire to get off my butt and do other stuff. I now do karate and I notice the extra flexibility working with Sophie has given me.

Finally, she makes the whole thing fun (as it can be) and adapts to where you are at. Heavy weekend? All cool. Bit of a cold? She’s got you. Feeling lazy? Prepare for the strictness."